Naturally Red & Loving It!

Need a little red in your life?

Natural Redheads & Redhead Lovers.
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For those of us that were born with beautiful red hair and want to show it off.


Absolutely no posting dyed, fake, or strawberry blonde hair. Unless you have dyed your naturally gorgeous RED hair.

You must be 18 or older and it must clearly state so in your user info, because x-rated pictures are allowed. If your images are of a graphic or hardcore nature please use LJ-Cut's. We allow photos of everything, just be sure people are warned before clicking on the cut. Please use a cut when posting more than one picture, or one larger in size.

Pictures: All pictures do not have to show your redhair, but make sure at least one in your post does.
All photos submitted must be of you or taken by you and used with permission. If any photographs are found to be in violation of this you will be reported and removed from the group.

Advertising: Maybe later but for now, no. Don't do it.

Image Types: We allow images of anything, may it be showing off just hair, clothes, nudes, clothed photos, posing, masturbation, sex or anything x-rated. Please put them in a cut with a description so people can decide if it's something they want to look at. Please remember that this isn't a all sexual community. What we really want to see is your red hair.

Please be aware that this is a community for both male and female's veiwing pleasure when posting your pictures. Make your posts friends-only.

You do NOT have to post if you don't want to. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I *WILL* remove you from the group for this. You do NOT get a second chance, so don't email me begging. Please email me if you are being harrassed by a member.